The Monastery of the metamorphosis of the Saviour at Prasinada
The monastery of the metamorphosis of the Saviour at Prasinada (In Greek Metamorphosis tu Sotiros), is a Byzantine monastery.
historical material that we have up to today is limited.

It was founded at 401 AC (After Christ) and functioned until 1204 AC. During the period
401-1204 AC, the monastery was surrounded by an area full of anchorites living in caves while towards the east and for a distance of about 200 km, 40 monasteries existed.
At the year 1204 AC, as the crusaders marched towards Istanbul, they destroyed the abbey and burned the ten monks and their abbot alive.
For 800 years nobody knew anything about the monastery and its history. The residents of Prasinada, that came at 1922 as refugees from Pontos, kept seeing lights, fires and heard psalms coming from the rock the monastery had been built on, and thought that something evil haunted the place. Nobody was coming near the rock, except for the kids that went there to play. One night, Mr Sotiris Tsepidis, saw a man in his dream that seemed to be a saint. The same man appeared many times in his dreams and finally Jesus Christ revealed himself. Many other residents saw similar dreams with saint faces. The Lord informed Mr Sotiris about the existence of the monastery and the martyrdom the monks suffered from the crusades. He also told him that the night before the day dedicated to the metamorphosis of the Saviour, various miracles, that will be seen from everybody, will take place in order everybody to believe the story. Finally, at the monastery yard a grave was found that belongs to the abbot that lived just before the period of the last monks.